Thursday, 27 December 2012

Save Ainsdale Library

Sefton MBC is holding a consultation on the future of its library service.
This is separate from the 'fact finding' survey of a few months ago.
The proposal now,  is to close 7 local libraries.
Ainsdale is included.
The yearly running costs of Ainsdale library is less than £80,000.
There is a online questionnaire for residents to fill in.
Please press the link and fill in the short questionnaire.
You do not need to answer all the questions.
There is also a Easy Read Questionnaire and one for under 16.

If you wish to send  an email to  the leader of the council:
Cllr Peter Dowd  =
And send copies to Ainsdale councillors
And please send copies if you wish to FOAL secretary -
If you would like to join FOAL - 50 pence life membership for all, contact the secretary above.
Copies of the questionnaire are also available at the libraries.
If you have completed it already, please return it to any library. 
Ainsdale library reopens 10am 2nd January.

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