Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Welcome to the Friends of Ainsdale Library blog!

Friends of Ainsdale Library (FOALS) has been set up in Spring 2011 to promote and support the work of Ainsdale Library.

As everyone will be aware, finances for local services throughout the UK are being squeezed ever-tighter and although Ainsdale library is safe for the coming year, its continuing existence is by no means certain. FOALS is the community's chance to put its weight behind this vital local resource.

The library comes under Sefton County Council and is run by Sefton's staff, but FOALS is completely independent of the Council - we're simply enthusiastic library users who want to spread the word of the wonderful work that the library does, and make sure that local residents are informed of all of the services that the library offers.

FOALS has had one meeting so far, which was very well-attended for a first event. The next meeting is at 6:30pm on Wednesday 6th April, at the library (of course!). Here we'll be discussing the remit of the group, a constitution, aims, who's doing what and all of the other details that come with setting up a group like this.

Don't worry if you've never been involved in local community groups before -  a lot of the people who came to the first meeting were first-timers too. Above all, don't leave it to other people - if you use the library, it's your responsibility to make sure that you do what you can to support it. If you don't use the library, why not drop in? There's a lot more than books there, as we hope to emphasise through the work of FOALS.

This blog is going to act as the principle online means of communication for FOALS and will incorporate a calendar of all relevant events, both from FOAL and at the library in general. There's also a Facebook page which provides the opportunity for discussion and, of course, sharing with your friends on Facebook.

It's your library - if it goes, it's gone for good.

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